This is really just a post for me to keep track of sites that have got or had performance issues with FreeRADIUS when authenticating to Active Directory via ntlm_auth and Samba.

The issue crops up on the FreeRADIUS mailing list with an increasing frequency, so trying to collate posts to keep track of what people have tried as a solution.

Note the vast majority of sites are universities. I believe this is because there is a unique problem that does not occur in business: once an hour, many students and staff all walk around the site at the same time, authenticating to different wireless access points. This causes massive increase in concurrent authentications.

September 2014 – Georgia Tech

October 2013 – Imperial College, Loughborough University, Bristol University

October 2013 – University of the West of England, Georgia Tech

October 2013

September 2014 – Inverse, Inc.

October 2014 – University of York

October 2014

December 2014

January 2015 – McMaster University

Some of my posts on the issue:

January 2015

February 2015

March 2015

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